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Image of Dubtendo
  • Image of Dubtendo
  • Image of Dubtendo

DJ Dubtendo T-shirts. Hand Screen Printed on White Bamboo T-shirt.

After being bought up by the arcade manufacturer 'Gamesco'-maker of arcade classics 'Pull-up man' and 'Tekdem tag tournament' a super merger of Bang Hai Industries corporation and Gamesco then took place.

'Bang Hai Gamesco' now controlled all things entertainment in the town of Boom including interactive games and any accompanying image rights.

Under the new merger agreement the crew found they were no longer able to serenade the townsfolk with their star powered portable music system due to music licensing restrictions and image rights violations. Their only interaction now came in the form of late night games testing or appearing as a live pop-up advertisements on the viewing platform above the Dubtendo Games & Bass-station.

Professor Louie-G hatched a plan to use the Bang Hai enforced advertisement platform and regimented games testings to further enhance the Dubtendo Bass-station experience for the townsfolk.